About the World Pro Skiing Foundation

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Our Mission

The World Pro Skiing Foundation creates World Class People, helping mentor elite athletes for their post athletic careers, building character and competence, channeling and leveraging the unique attributes of these high achievers as they transition to making world class contributions to society.

Our History

World Pro Skiing was the professional ski racing tour created in 1969 by ski racing pioneer and broadcasting impresario Bob Beattie. For Beattie, who built the US Ski Team, co-founded the World Cup, his wholly-owned tour, World Pro Skiing, provided the means for ski racers to independently compete for prize money in an era when the sport was otherwise tightly controlled by national teams consisting of "amateurs." These swashbuckling pro athletes, as they were labeled, learned the discipline necessary to combine athletics with life's nuanced realities, including how to work with sponsors and fans in endearing ways that led many to build the networks to foster their post ski racing careers.

The nucleus of the World Pro Skiing Foundation includes many of these individuals, uniquely qualified for this mission.


Our Strategy

Working closely with team leaders, the World Pro Skiing Foundation organizes events for elite athletes to engage with business and thought-leaders in an effort to prepare them for post athletic careers.

World-class athletes possess extraordinarily high levels of commitment, focus, and dedication to honing skills in search of perfection. And they have the competitive juices and ambition to win. As in business, team sports require collaboration, blending skills used in concert with others to reach a superior outcome. These skills are honed and blended by coaches, as they are by CEO's.

These qualities are essential in athletics, and are coveted in the business world. Business leaders, whose responsibilities include building teams of talented people, become the next coaches, guiding and encouraging these individuals through their transition from athletics to business, from adulation to the realities of life after the applause. Simultaneously, businesses can leverage the unique attributes of today's elite athletes to become the business and civic leaders of tomorrow.

Our Offerings


Focus on responsibility, civic contribution, leadership, values


Executives matched with athletes for regular interaction


Inspirational leader interaction


Get inside the movements of today’s corporations


Bring together groups of leaders with elite athletes to share perspectives of specific areas of business management and leadership, of values and civic responsibilities

Our Board


Mike Hundert

  • Director (and The Voice) of World Pro Skiing 1977-1981
  • Ski writer and broadcast journalist 1975-1990
  • CEO, Rem Eyewear, a global distributor of fashion eyewear
  • Vice Chairman of The Vision Council

Christin Cooper

Board Member
  • 2-time Olympian & 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist, giant slalom
  • Triple World Championship Medalist
  • US Ski Team Member 1977-1984
  • Alpine Skiing Expert Broadcast Analyst (World Cup, World Champs & Olympics) 1985 - present
  • Restaurateur. Founding partner Montana Ale Works & MacKenzie River Pizza Co, Bozeman MT

Mark Tache

Board Member
  • US Ski Team, 1978-1985
  • 2-time World Championship Team member
  • Pro Ski Racer, 1987-1992
  • Member Colorado Ski Hall of Fame
  • Sports Management & Financial Consultant - Irons Brothers Management Group (world pro surfing 1995 - 2007)
  • Restaurateur. Founding partner Montana Ale Works & MacKenzie River Pizza Co, Bozeman MT

Bob Beattie

Board Member
  • The "Grandfather of American Ski Racing"
  • Hall-of-Famer
  • Coached the US Ski Team 1961-1969
  • Co-founded the Alpine World Cup
  • Founded World Pro Skiing
  • ABC and ESPN commentator for 40 years, including four Winter Olympics

Otto Tschudi

Board Member
  • Two-time Olympian for Norway in alpine skiing
  • World Pro Skiing Tour 1973-1981
  • All American at Denver University
  • Board Member, Denver University

Jim Lillstrom

Board Member
  • Public Relations Director, World Pro Skiing, 1970-1973
  • Ski Industry marketing executive

Richie Woodworth

Board Member
  • Member US Ski Team, 3x National Junior Champion
  • Member World Pro Skiing Tour 1979-82
  • Featured Color Analyst NBC Sportsworld, ESPN
  • Top Ranking American Professional 1980/81, Fourth Worldwide
  • Former President National Hockey League Enterprises
  • Current President Saucony, a division of Wolverine Worldwide

Will Weinstein

Board Member
  • Founding Partner, Conifer Financial Services
  • Professor of Ethics and Integrity, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Honorary Director of the Directors’ Invitational Ski Classic
  • Board Member, Sun Valley Education Foundation (1978-1982)

Franz Weber

Board Member
  • President, Franz Weber, Inc.
  • Six-Time World Speed Skiing Champion
  • Current North American Speed Skiing Record Holder
  • Austrian Olympian, 1992
  • World Pro Skiing Tour Competitor, 1978-1981

Andre Arnold

Board Member
  • 4x Overall World Pro Skiing Champion
  • Ski Magazine’s 4x Skier of the Year 1978-81
  • Winner of 38 international pro races between 1978 and 1982
  • Career ending knee injury at Vail, CO SL competition on April, 4th 1982
  • Skiing again pain free after total knee replacement in 2010